GFG production

GFG factory is completely gluten free, to guarantee our production and products packaging and avoid the risk of contamination from gluten. Our company is certified by the italian ministry of health.

Our production is focused on our selection of gluten free deep-frozen meat based roll in breadcrumbs, hamburgers and other meat based specialities.

  • Cordon Bleu – chicken filet rolled in breadcrumbs, filled with cheese and ham
  • Chicken cutlets – chicken cutlets rolled in breadcumbs
  • Chicken Nuggets – chicken croquettes rolled in breadcumbs
  • Chicken cutlets with spinach – chicken cutlets rolled in breadcumb with spinach
  • Hamburger – first choice pork, turkey and cow meat hamburgers

Our production loop

1. Selection

We choose carefully the best first quality gluten free ingredients for our products.

2. Preparation

Our production loop is safe, monitored and supervised to guarantee the complete absence of gluten.

3. Deep-frozing

Our deep-frozing tecnique of our gluten free meat based products is regulated under the european law.

GFG products

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