Say goodbye to gluten.


Be celiac doesn’t mean to give up to the pleasure of our specialities meat based, easy and fast to cook. Discover our gluten free frozen products!

Our chicken breaded cutlet with spinach, cordon bleu, hamburgers, nuggets of chicken and other pleasures meat based are made of ingredients and semi-prepared materials naturally lacking of gluten, and prepared in a production loop that avoids the risk of contamination.

Our strenghts.

We’re giving you 3 reasons to choose our deep frozen gluten free products and our specialities meat based.



Our deep frozen gluten free meat based products are prepared off the genuineness, off the finest ingredients and the accurate selection of semi-processed materials.



Our deep frozen specialities meat based follows a safe production loop, supervised in every step to avoid the risk of contamination of our products from gluten.



Your health and your satisfaction are fundamental for us. We guarantee the best security and freshness of our product, with the warranty of our gluten free label.


Our catalogue will be available soon.

GFG, Gluten Free Goods, is realizing a complete catalogue of products. In it, over our products, you will find our ingredients, their nutritional tag and much more.

Our production.

From an accurate selection of the semi-processed materials gluten free, to the preparation of our specialities meat based, to bring on your table tase, quality and safety.

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